What was 2020 like? Here is a summary of the passing year in the Google search engine As every year, the American giant shared with us information about what we most often searched for on the web using the Google search engine.

You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out that a large part of the categories were dominated by the coronavirus pandemic because users wanted to know what we were really up to, how to recognize symptoms, what the world is like, and so on. On the other hand, a large increase in searches related to activities at home during the lockdown can be observed, both in terms of entertainment, work and study. We were also interested in important events from around the world, because despite the raging epidemic, we had presidential elections in the United States.

And yes, in the top ten most popular searches in the world, we have the coronavirus in three ways, Zoom (for video conferencing and online meetings) and Google Classroom (as the name suggests, this is a service for schools that makes it easier for students and teachers to communicate inside and outside school. There were also no questions about the results of the US election, Joe Biden or the person of Kobe Bryant, the famous NBA player who tragically died at the beginning of the year in a helicopter accident.

1. Coronavirus

2. Election results

3. Kobe Bryant

4. Zoom

5. IPL

6. India vs New Zealand

7. Coronavirus update

8. Coronavirus symptoms

9. Joe Biden

10. Google Classroom

Was it similar in Poland? Definitely, although our top ten still has one more coronavirus-related search than in the world. In addition, we exchanged Zoom for Microsoft Teams and we were very interested in 365 days, i.e. a loud film based on a novel by Blanka LipiƄska, which met with a very mixed reception - the viewers were eager to watch it, but at the same time it was often said in its context about the treatment of women and praising unacceptable behavior. The entire ten most popular searches in our country look like this:

1. Coronavirus

2. Coronavirus in Poland

3. US elections

4. Coronavirus Tips

5. Google Classroom

6. Microsoft Teams

7. Coronavirus map

8. 365 days

9. Joe Biden

10. Kobe Bryant

Speaking of films, 365 days is the most sought-after production in Poland, but we were also interested in Parasite, Don Stanislao, How I Became a Gangster and Psy 3. In the case of series, we focused on the titles of House of Paper, Gambit of the Queen, Prisoner of Love, Ugly. 2 and The Price of Freedom. In the category How to do? in the top five we have a disinfectant, a no-sew mask, yeast, sourdough for bread and an Easter card, i.e. the problems we faced during the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. And since we were also allaboutmovies home then, we had more time to cook on our own, so we were looking for ideas for pasta, chicken breast, soup, zucchini and dinner without meat. Looks familiar? Be sure to let me know! More interesting facts from the year in the search engine HERE!