Is that on purpose? Avengers and Star Wars sprinkle new Disney cracker

Raya and the Last Dragon appears today at Disney in VIP access. The latest animated film, which should actually come to the cinema, and is an exceptionally beautiful action and adventure film, full of heart, wit and imagination - and full of amazing parallels to other big Disney blockbusters: namely Star Wars and the MCU.

The ultimate merger at Disney: Raya, Star Wars and the Avengers

In the Disney film, the young warrior Raya moves out after a major catastrophe to find the last dragon and thus heal her divided land. This is a fantasy adventure at its finest and shouldn't put off animated film grouches either.

Let the action-packed Disney trailer of Raya and the Last Dragon convince you

If you are wondering what the latest Disney blockbuster has to do with Star Wars or the MCU, you should take a closer look at or into the film.

MCU parallel: The Avengers and Raya and the last dragon at Disney

As Disney users, imagine the following situation: The whole world has lost loved ones through an unimaginable intervention of evil. Years later, a group of heroes set out to put together a multi-part artifact with a few thefts and heists and undo the catastrophe.

Does that sound like Avengers 4: Endgame to you or like Raya and the Last Dragon? The answer is: the plot applies to both films. Outwardly, Thanos and the faceless sinister Druun in the Disney film may not have much in common, but both atomize or petrify a large part of the population.

Raya's Infinity Glove is a shattered shining stone that she has to reassemble with unusual companions in order to bring back the lost dragons and the lost people. The Avengers know their way around pesky stone searches in the MCU and would definitely be proud of her.

Heroines Story: Star Wars and Raya and the Last Dragon at Disney

The parallels to the last Star Wars trilogy are a little more subtle in Raya and the Last Dragon: They can be found primarily in the heroines of the two films that even have similar-sounding names: Raya and Rey.

Both the Star Wars heroine and Raya are combative young women with (light) swords who roam the desert landscape alone, face significant duels and plunder old (space) shipwrecks.

Just like her Star Wars colleague, Raya even has a rolling ball at her side, except that it is not called BB-8 but Tuk Tuk and is an oversized armadillo with an amazing way of locomotion.

Is Raya and the Last Dragon consciously referring to Star Wars and the MCU?

Who now believes that Raya and the last dragon copied too much from the Avengers and Star Wars, but can be reassured: Despite everything, the Disney film skillfully tells its very own story about dragons, trust, community and ... trickster babies.

Nevertheless, the once discovered parallels are suspicious and raise the question: Is that on purpose or are we just Disneyfied?

The fact that the Disney corporation knits its stories - be it Raya and the Last Dragon, Avengers 3 and 4 or Star Wars 7 - in a similar way because they strive for a certain Disney feeling should not be rashly dismissed out of hand.

Must be the other way around but of course not every similarity should be a conscious reference to other Disney branded films. Instead of a big Disney merger in Raya and the Last Dragon, one could certainly argue for a Disney superiority in our Marvel and Star Wars-trained minds, which finds potential references between the well-known Disney blockbusters much faster than anywhere else.

When will Raya and the Last Dragon come to the Disney subscription without the surcharge?

According to Screenrant, Raya and the Last Dragon will be available free of charge to subscribers from June 4, 2021. That fits, because the first Disney VIP film, Mulan (also with additional costs of 21.99 euros in Germany), reserved its exclusivity for 3 months with additional payment.

Disney Podcast: Are We Ready to Pay the Extra Charge?

The same question arose with Mulan as with Raya and the last dragon: Is the extra charge of 22 euros really too much? In this episode of Stream Flurry, Jenny Jecke and Hendrik Busch spoke about the studios' strategies for dealing with the pandemic.

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Some films have been postponed, others have been put on loan as VOD, and Mulan (and now Raya and the Last Dragon) is running directly on Disney. Why are some of the films so expensive and why will COVID-19 change the relationship between streaming and cinema in the long term? This is exactly what is discussed in the podcast.

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Are you going to see Raya and the Last Dragon at Disney? Now or later?