How to save on online shopping? Here are cheats for Christmas discount on AliExpress! If you like shopping on the Chinese giant's platform, where you can find literally everything, then there is probably no better opportunity than the big New Year's sale.

Although we have heard many times that shopping on Chinese platforms will no longer pay off, because we have to take into account additional taxes and special post offices where customs officers will check parcels, the situation has practically not changed at all. Poles are still eager to shop on platforms such as AliExpress, where you can find virtually everything we may need at really attractive prices. Of course, you have to take into account the fact that we may have problems with the quality of some items, because we find dishonest traders everywhere, but buying from certain sellers should solve the problem.

In addition, the website offers solid post-purchase support, where we can establish a dispute with the seller, under the control of AliExpress, asking for a package that has not been delivered MEDIA JOKER advertising it that is not as described. What's more, recently shopping is even more convenient, because the platform has been cooperating with Inpost for some time, thanks to which we can not only choose delivery to a parcel locker, but also very often gain the option of a free return of the order if it does not suit us. This is a very useful option, because sellers are less likely to risk sending us bad goods, and we don't have to waste money, even if we are talking about small amounts for small items.

This means that shopping is even safer and you can safely use the sale to buy geeky items that we have been hunting for a long time. Behind us are the discounts on the occasion of Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, but today at 9:00 another one - New Year's Day - has started, under which we can use various codes lowering the value of our basket (4/30 means USD 4 discount when shopping for at least $ 30, etc): 3CODES -3 / $ 20, PICODI0712 -3 / $ 20, MAMYJE0712 -3 / $ 20, QPONY0712 -3 / $ 20, BLIX0712 -3 / 20 $, WINTER4 -4 / $ 30, LUKASZ4 - / $ 30, CODES7 -7 / $ 50, WINTER11 -11 / $ 100, LUKASZ0712 -11 / $ 100, CUDAZALI0712 -11 / $ 100.

There are also special codes for new users that work in the same way, i.e. ALINE45, ALIPROMKA4, BUYYNAALI and ALIKUPON444, and valid only for products shipped from European warehouses: ALINEYEAR10 -10/65 USD, ALENNYYEAR10 -10/65 USD, MAMYYENOWYYN10 -10 / $ 65, PICODINYEAR10 $ -10 / $ 65, QPONYNEWYEAR10 $ -10 / 65, BLIXNEYYear10 $ -10 / 65, ALINEYear15 -15 / $ 120, ALENAYear15 -15 / $ 120, MOMYYNEY YEAR15 -15 / 120, PICODINEYEP15 -15 / 120 USD and QPONYNOWY YEAR15 -15/120 USD. In the case of shipping from European warehouses, there is still a chance of delivery before Christmas, so if you have shortages of gifts for loved ones or yourself, this is a great opportunity to refill them.