Apple is working on an electric car with a groundbreaking battery We have been hearing about the autonomous vehicle from the American giant for years, but so far no details have been obtained about this innovative project.

Fortunately, this is what has changed thanks to Reuters, which reached the first details of Apple's ambitious automotive plans, including the launch date of the first electric car in the company's history. Because this one is not as distant as it might seem, because considering that we are about to enter 2021, we will have 3 more years of waiting. What's more, we also learn that it will be a project on a completely new level, and its battery is to be groundbreaking, allowing the company to add more active material to the cell, which will translate into a much greater range.

Apple will also explore the possibility of using a lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery, or a variant of the lithium-ion battery used in hybrid and electric cars, which is characterized by long life, low memory effect, high capacity and low self-discharge. Moreover, it is less prone to heating, which makes it safer, and does not require cobalt - the last point is particularly important, because 60% of the world's resources of this element come from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and this country is famous for the constant use of children for work .

- It's a new level. Just like when we saw an iPhone for the first time - says a Reuters source about the new battery. By the way, he also mentions that the car can be equipped with many LiDAR sensors for a better understanding of the environment that will come from external suppliers, but there is also the possibility that Apple will remodel those designed for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro. What's more, the work is expected to go much faster since the company made changes to Project Titan, cutting 200 employees. Of course, as you can easily guess, if the car is to be more widely available, Apple will have to use the help of an external partner during the production process, because the factories used so far are not adapted to creating cars. However, it is possible that the car will hit the market at all as a result of cooperation, because the company may only decide to make its technology available to the outside world. Nevertheless, Apple's car project is very interesting and we are looking at it with interest.