Fri. May 29th, 2020

Intel presents the 17 and 13-inch tablets in the form of laptops with flexible screens

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Intel this year did not disappoint with their inventions visitors CES 2020 in Las Vegas. The company unveiled a new computing systems and mobile devices, which impress with their functionality. The American company for years looking for ways to facilitate our daily interaction with electronic devices. Of course it is primarily for desktops, laptops, and tablets. In the latter case, you can still do a lot to make them more practical. They come here with the help of flexible displays, which slowly but steadily since last year conquering the world of smartphones. Intel Horseshoe Bend is an innovative approach to the subject company’s tablet PCs and laptops. Intel apparently wants to combine these two devices in one, and has the latest technology to help. For years, the biggest problem are computers keyboard and mouse. Although they had go out of date 10 years ago, they still have to be good and there is no indication that this was about to change quickly. This topic irritates Intel engineers. Therefore, the project of Horseshoe Bend. Behind him two tablets with a screen area of ​​17 and 13 inches, which replace both the mouse and keyboard just. Device, in partial assembly, allow you to work freely in laptop mode, and when fully extended and turn into tablets. Users have the ability to connect an external keyboard, but it is unnecessary, because the incredibly comfortable to use this screen.Intel also thought about using the built-in webcams to track the hands of users, so we can write, for example. On the table, and the whole text will be immediately credited to the screen. If you want, you can see how this technology works in practice in the above footage from Samsung, which unveiled at CES identical solution called SelfieType.

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