Fri. May 29th, 2020

In Russia, smartphones will now be sold only with the national applications

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On the inhabitants of our neighbor soon will be another heavy shackles imposed censorship. Mobile devices will need to have Russian preinstalled applications, or will not be allowed to sell.The new law will come into force in July next year and will cover all new devices sold in every store, no matter whether it is a desktop or web. Restrictions will apply not only smartphones, tablets, and sports ties smartwatchy, but also smart TVs and refrigerators. The authorities emphasize that the brand of the product will not matter. Most problems, however, will have the happy owners of Apple devices. The Kremlin decided on such a move, because politicians believe that in this way will be able to more effectively promote indigenous solutions and support national technical thought and, above all, be able to control the flow of information and gathering them by Western companies. Of course, after the purchase of equipment, their owners will be able to install any of these applications, but these are national basis and can not be deleted. Russian companies strongly criticized the idea of ​​the authorities. They believe that the new law aims only to an even greater surveillance society, because pre-installed applications belong to companies that cooperate closely with the government and security agencies. Businesses are afraid, too, that many will disappear from the market of companies whose products do not have a Russian application.This is another very controversial provision, which will soon be in force in Russia. With effect from 1 February 2020 years will enter a new law that provides for personal registration of citizens and residents of all electronic devices that can access the Internet. The whole project will be the Federal Communications Agency (Rosswiaz). Interestingly, the registration will not only be mandatory, so rebellious citizens will be waiting to heavy penalties, and at the same time you will have to pay a fee for every unit of approx. 6, respectively.

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