Fri. May 29th, 2020

Humanoid robots are taking over the International Space Station

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Roskosmos and NASA decided to gradually replace astronauts advanced robots. In the future, such machines will be able to function in space and perform tasks too extreme for the people. For now, however, they will be supported by the crew of the International Space Station and to learn from astronauts to perform various tasks. In a few days in orbit will be advanced humanoid robot named Ivan, which was built in Russia in the framework of the project FEDOR. Every day will support the Russian crew, and in the future is to ensure the safety of space colonists and soldiers.Meanwhile, for 2-3 months in space will also house the robot NASA. Robonaut-2 is already more experienced electronic astronaut. Its first version was in orbit 2011 with a mission STS-133. The researchers collected by means of its valuable information, trained artificial intelligence algorithms, and now the robot is ready to return to space. NASA also plans to send there another machine. This refers to the robot Valkyrie. Both machines with each modification are becoming more independent. And it’s all thanks to artificial intelligence. However, not only must operate in standalone mode. The plans also may be controlled remotely by operators, for example. Directly from our planet. NASA and Roskosmos want to put teams of such machines not only planned on board the Lunar Spaceport, but also use their abilities in the construction of the first colonies on the moon and Mars.

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