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The Umbrella Academy This is known for the third season on Netflix

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“The Umbrella Academy”: This is known for the third season on Netflix

The second season of the superhero series “The Umbrella Academy” should not be the last. Everything points to at least one more season – which is then about the mysterious Sparrow Academy.

The first part of the article is free of spoilers, in the second there will be – after a warning – spoilers for the first two seasons of “Umbrella Academy”.

Netflix has put everything in place so that a third season “The Umbrella Academy” can be filmed. As the industry magazine The Wrap reported in February 2020, showrunner Steve Blackman was tied to the streaming service with an allegedly $ 50 million contract to continue producing series.

His work will not be limited to “Umbrella Academy”, but that at least one more season of the superhero series is included, as Netflix was publicly satisfied with the first season, which received strong reviews (better than the first) and second also ends in such a way that a sequel has to come if you don’t want to break the hearts of the fans.

Actor Robert Sheehan, who plays Klaus, was optimistic in a recent interview with that Netflix will not pull the plug after the second season of all things:

“There is the potential for a lot of new characters and for new relationships and a new world. I love that about every season – we’re thrown into a new world and the reset button is pressed instead of just picking up where we left off. “

There is the potential for many new characters and for new relationships and a new world.

Gerard Way, author of the “Umbrella” comics *, revealed at the start of the first season that he had presented the series writers with a complete plan in which the entire comic book story is outlined – including the five upcoming issues.

Similar to “Game Of Thrones”, the series makers know the most important cornerstones, but deviate considerably from the template (e.g. the time travel of the second season does not appear in this form), but refers to the end of the new one Season very clearly on a very specific comic book anthology …

Now spoilers for the first two seasons of “Umbrella Academy” follow!

Season 3: Sparrow Academy?

At the end of the last episode of season 2, our heroes arrive back in the present, are happy about the prevented Vanya apocalypse and just want to douse their success when they were in the best Marty McFly tradition (the older readers understand this allusion) becomes aware:

Unfortunately, this present is different than before. It was changed by time travel. The heroes’ cold-hearted “father”, Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore), is alive – and so is Ben Hargreeves (Justin H. Min), apparently as the leader of the so-called Sparrow Academy, which replaces the Umbrella Academy. Ben has no idea who the Umbrellas, “those assholes”, are.

What exactly the Sparrow Academy is (which already appears in the third comic volume “Hotel Oblivion” *), we don’t know either, after all, the fourth volume has not yet been published. At least comic creator Gerard Way announced the announcement of the new comics that it deals with a central question that has been in the room since the beginning:

What about the other supernaturally gifted babies?

What about the other supernaturally gifted babies?

We briefly remember the beginning of the comics or the beginning of the TV series: 43 super babies are born there, suddenly and without the mothers otherwise having any connection. But entrepreneur and inventor Sir Reginald Hargreeves only adopted seven of them – precisely the dysfunctional hero team that viewers from the “Umbrella Academy” know.

Hargreeves could have adopted other babies and Ben could have survived, just like what happened in the alternate reality at the end of season two. The identity of the seven members of the Sparrow Academy (which apparently also includes a flying cube) remains largely and literally in the dark. To be continued in season 3!

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