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Candyman director turns Captain Marvel 2 From horror shocker to Marvel blockbuster

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“Candyman” director turns “Captain Marvel 2”: From horror shocker to Marvel blockbuster

While horror fans are excited to see what Nia DaCosta will do with her “Candyman” remake of the classic, the 30-year-old should now also have the attention of the Marvel fan base: Her next project is “Captain Marvel 2”.

“Captain Marvel” was a hit, grossed over $ 1.128 billion with production costs of just under $ 160 million and ended up at number 5 of the most successful films in 2019 – an incredibly strong year in which nine films broke the less and less magical billion mark.

That “Captain Marvel 2” would come was not only to be expected, but also confirmed for a long time. So far, however, who will take over the staging, has not. As the industry magazine Deadline now reports, they now seem to have found a successor for “Captain Marvel” makers Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck:

Nia DaCosta will direct “Captain Marvel 2”.

Nia DaCosta will direct “Captain Marvel 2”.

NiaDaCosta: This is the “Captain Marvel 2” director

If somehow nothing rings the bell with this name, don’t be surprised. Because Nia DaCosta hasn’t had too much time to make a name for itself (especially in Germany) – although that should change within a very short time.

The just 30-year-old celebrated her feature film debut in 2018 with the thriller “Little Woods”, which is heavily cast with Lily James and Tessa Thompson, but has not yet made it to the cinema or home theater in this country. After directing a handful of episodes of the British crime series “Top Boy”, “Candyman” is her first major feature film, which she is directing for producer and screenwriter Jordan Peele (“Get Out”, “We”).

The current cinema release of the sequel to the supernatural cult slasher is October 15, 2020 – and the atmospheric trailer makes you curious about what horror aces Peele and Nia DaCosta are unleashed:

The fact that there is now a change of direction in the sequel after “Captain Marvel” is not surprising, by the way. Because even with the sequels of the “Thor”, “Captain America” and “Iron Man” films – sometimes earlier, sometimes later – new filmmakers took their places on the director’s chair to bring a breath of fresh air to the respective hero saga. With “Candyman” and “Captain Marvel 2”, however, Nia DaCosta could gain a foothold in Hollywood’s top division within a few years.

“Captain Marvel 2” is due to hit theaters on July 7, 2022.

“Captain Marvel 2” is due to hit theaters on July 7, 2022.

We know that about “Captain Marvel 2”

Cast and Crew: While we finally know who will inherit the director’s chair, we have known for a long time that the screenplay for the film will movie 4k from Megan McDonnell – who most recently worked on the upcoming Marvel series “WandaVision” for Disney. Of course, Oscar winner Brie Larson (for “Space”) will be there again as the title hero Carol Danvers alias Captain Marvel. Nothing is currently known about other possible returnees in front of the camera.

Cast and Crew:

The story: As the Hollywood Reporter was able to find out, “Captain Marvel 2” will be set in the present – in contrast to the first part, which takes place in 1995 and thus the chronologically second MCU film after “Captain America – The First Avenger “is. Further details on the content are not yet known, but we have already given a few thoughts to the possible story in the following article:

The story:

“Captain Marvel 2”: It could go on like this

You can find the first “Captain Marvel” as well as many other Marvel films on Disney. On the in-house streaming platform of the Maushaus you can also see “Star Wars” and of course the greatest Disney hits and classics.

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