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After Dear John Channing Tatum in new romantic drama à la Nicholas Sparks

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After “Dear John”: Channing Tatum in new romantic drama à la Nicholas Sparks

“Magic Mike” star Channing Tatum joins for a new romantic drama again with the makers of “Dear John” together: In “Soundtrack Of Silence” will save songs memories and love before the world falls silent …

In “Soundtrack Of Silence” undergoes a student that he will soon lose his belongs. Until it comes to the inevitable, he tries to memorize all of his favorite songs: These should help him record his most important memories – including how he fell in love with his girlfriend and future wife.

What sounds like a novel by Nicholas Sparks, is actually based on a true story, Channing Tatum brings but again with author and producer of the Nicholas Sparks adaptation “Dear John” together. With the romantic drama of 2010 Tatum celebrated one of his first great successes, even if the film received more marbled reviews.

In “Soundtrack Of Silence” Tatum takes loudly Variety not only the main role, but will also serve as a producer hollywood thinker. A director must be found for the romantic drama but still.

“Gambit” with Channing Tatum is now well and truly dead

After a few months ago the news many “X-Men” fans disappointed that the long-planned “Gambit” movie after the acquisition of Fox by Disney is probably off the table, a film joins with “Soundtrack Of Silence” at least again upcoming projects in which the “21 Jump Street” and will be not only to hear but also to see “Magic Mike” star.

After his performances in “Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle” and “Logan Lucky”, both published in 2017, he gave namely primarily his voice – in the animated films “The LEGO Batman Movie”, “The Lego Movie 2” and “Small Foot – an icy-like adventure “- and that, of course, only in the English version.


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