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Is that on purpose? Avengers and Star Wars sprinkle new Disney cracker

Is that on purpose? Avengers and Star Wars sprinkle new Disney cracker

Raya and the Last Dragon appears today at Disney in VIP access. The latest animated film, which should actually come to the cinema, and is an exceptionally beautiful action and adventure film, full of heart, wit and imagination - and full of amazing parallels to other big Disney blockbusters: namely Star Wars and the MCU.

The ultimate merger at Disney: Raya, Star Wars and the Avengers

In the Disney film, the young warrior Raya moves out after a major catastrophe to find the last dragon and thus heal her divided land. This is a fantasy adventure at its finest and shouldn't put off animated film grouches either.

Let the action-packed Disney trailer of Raya and the Last Dragon convince you

If you are wondering what the latest Disney blockbuster has to do with Star Wars or the MCU, you should take a closer look at or into the film.

MCU parallel: The Avengers and Raya and the last dragon at Disney

As Disney users, imagine the following situation: The whole world has lost loved ones through an unimaginable intervention of evil. Years later, a group of heroes set out to put together a multi-part artifact with a few thefts and heists and undo the catastrophe.

Does that sound like Avengers 4: Endgame to you or like Raya and the Last Dragon? The answer is: the plot applies to both films. Outwardly, Thanos and the faceless sinister Druun in the Disney film may not have much in common, but both atomize or petrify a large part of the population.

Raya's Infinity Glove is a shattered shining stone that she has to reassemble with unusual companions in order to bring back the lost dragons and the lost people. The Avengers know their way around pesky stone searches in the MCU and would definitely be proud of her.

Heroines Story: Star Wars and Raya and the Last Dragon at Disney

The parallels to the last Star Wars trilogy are a little more subtle in Raya and the Last Dragon: They can be found primarily in the heroines of the two films that even have similar-sounding names: Raya and Rey.

Both the Star Wars heroine and Raya are combative young women with (light) swords who roam the desert landscape alone, face significant duels and plunder old (space) shipwrecks.

Just like her Star Wars colleague, Raya even has a rolling ball at her side, except that it is not called BB-8 but Tuk Tuk and is an oversized armadillo with an amazing way of locomotion.

Is Raya and the Last Dragon consciously referring to Star Wars and the MCU?

Who now believes that Raya and the last dragon copied too much from the Avengers and Star Wars, but can be reassured: Despite everything, the Disney film skillfully tells its very own story about dragons, trust, community and ... trickster babies.

Nevertheless, the once discovered parallels are suspicious and raise the question: Is that on purpose or are we just Disneyfied?

The fact that the Disney corporation knits its stories - be it Raya and the Last Dragon, Avengers 3 and 4 or Star Wars 7 - in a similar way because they strive for a certain Disney feeling should not be rashly dismissed out of hand.

Must be the other way around but of course not every similarity should be a conscious reference to other Disney branded films. Instead of a big Disney merger in Raya and the Last Dragon, one could certainly argue for a Disney superiority in our Marvel and Star Wars-trained minds, which finds potential references between the well-known Disney blockbusters much faster than anywhere else.

When will Raya and the Last Dragon come to the Disney subscription without the surcharge?

According to Screenrant, Raya and the Last Dragon will be available free of charge to subscribers from June 4, 2021. That fits, because the first Disney VIP film, Mulan (also with additional costs of 21.99 euros in Germany), reserved its exclusivity for 3 months with additional payment.

Disney Podcast: Are We Ready to Pay the Extra Charge?

The same question arose with Mulan as with Raya and the last dragon: Is the extra charge of 22 euros really too much? In this episode of Stream Flurry, Jenny Jecke and Hendrik Busch spoke about the studios' strategies for dealing with the pandemic.

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Some films have been postponed, others have been put on loan as VOD, and Mulan (and now Raya and the Last Dragon) is running directly on Disney. Why are some of the films so expensive and why will COVID-19 change the relationship between streaming and cinema in the long term? This is exactly what is discussed in the podcast.

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Are you going to see Raya and the Last Dragon at Disney? Now or later?

Airbus presents the modular eco-planes of the future powered by hydrogen

Airbus presents the modular eco-planes of the future powered by hydrogenAs a greener alternative is needed for all modes of transport, aircraft manufacturers are also testing modern solutions, one of which may be special hydrogen capsules.

We are talking about a solution located along the sashes, which can be easily mounted or removed if necessary, because in fact we are talking about a modular structure with the option of quick adaptation to current needs. On the presented graphic materials, we can see a prototype of an aircraft called ZEROe, on which 6 such hydrogen tanks were mounted. Interestingly, however, they are not ordinary "canisters", because inside you will find not only a hydrogen container, but also a cooling system, fuel cell, power electronics, electric motors, light 8-blade propellers and all the equipment necessary to the capsules acted as independent motors.

Interestingly, there is no mention of a buffer battery here, but on the other hand, traditional airplanes such as the one shown in the graphics consume power in a constant and predictable way, so the slight delay that occurs at fuel cells should not be a problem here. Airbus announces that it is a highly modular structure that can be quickly disassembled for maintenance, testing or simple component replacement. Why hydrogen? First, liquid moviesider produces a similar level of energy density, and even better, than long-distance aviation fuel, and boasts zero local emissions and the potential to be filled with carbon-neutral renewable energy.

Why detachable capsules? This is a great solution for airlines for several reasons, first of all, it frees up space in the cabin, which means that you can take more people on board, and also increase the payload, i.e. you can carry more cargo. What's more, if we have 6 such units at our disposal, in case something goes wrong, you can quickly turn one off, and even detach it in a safe place. In addition, the failure will no longer mean the need to ground the aircraft, because it is enough to replace one module and we are ready for further flights. Airbus has already decided to patent its solution, but it also announces that this is just the beginning and literally one of many ideas under the ZEROe program. This capsule configuration is a great starting point to look at how we can scale hydrogen technology for commercial aviation. This is one option, but many more concepts will turn into concepts before we make the final selection, this decision is expected by 2025 - explains the company's representative.

Apple is working on an electric car with a groundbreaking battery

Apple is working on an electric car with a groundbreaking batteryWe have been hearing about the autonomous vehicle from the American giant for years, but so far no details have been obtained about this innovative project.

Fortunately, this is what has changed thanks to Reuters, which reached the first details of Apple's ambitious automotive plans, including the launch date of the first electric car in the company's history. Because this one is not as distant as it might seem, because considering that we are about to enter 2021, we will have 3 more years of waiting. What's more, we also learn that it will be a project on a completely new level, and its battery is to be groundbreaking, allowing the company to add more active material to the cell, which will translate into a much greater range.

Apple will also explore the possibility of using a lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery, or a variant of the lithium-ion battery used in hybrid and electric cars, which is characterized by long life, low memory effect, high capacity and low self-discharge. Moreover, it is less prone to heating, which makes it safer, and does not require cobalt - the last point is particularly important, because 60% of the world's resources of this element come from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and this country is famous for the constant use of children for work .

- It's a new level. Just like when we saw an iPhone for the first time - says a Reuters source about the new battery. By the way, he also mentions that the car can be equipped with many LiDAR ABOUT MUSICS for a better understanding of the environment that will come from external suppliers, but there is also the possibility that Apple will remodel those designed for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro. What's more, the work is expected to go much faster since the company made changes to Project Titan, cutting 200 employees. Of course, as you can easily guess, if the car is to be more widely available, Apple will have to use the help of an external partner during the production process, because the factories used so far are not adapted to creating cars. However, it is possible that the car will hit the market at all as a result of cooperation, because the company may only decide to make its technology available to the outside world. Nevertheless, Apple's car project is very interesting and we are looking at it with interest.

Watch people cheer at the sight of trucks carrying the Pfizer vaccine

Watch people cheer at the sight of trucks carrying the Pfizer vaccineYesterday, the first trucks filled with nearly two million doses of CoVID-19 mRNA vaccine hit the road from the Pfizer factory in the US. People with tears of happiness greeted them in the streets.

Several powerful trucks owned by UPS, FedEX and other companies have left the Pfizer factory in Michigan for distribution centers and airports, from where they will be distributed to hospitals across the country. American TV broadcasts live the entire event, which was watched by over 3 million people.

Right in front of the factory and on the truck's route, the residents cheered with happiness. Similar reactions appeared on social networking sites, where doctors, nurses, volunteers and, above all, ordinary people described their amazing emotions related to the fact that an effective vaccine for CoVID-19 was developed so quickly, as well as its production and vaccination in the USA.

The United States is the second country after the United Kingdom whose government has approved the launch of mass vaccination with Pfizer's innovative vaccine for CoVID-19. The US authorities want to vaccinate at least 20 million citizens by the end of this year.

The US Food and Drug Administration plans to vaccinate doctors and medical personnel in the first place, as they are on the front lines of the fight against the pandemic and therefore most at risk of infection. Vaccination of all residents will start next year. It is to be similar in Europe and Poland. The government Recent Entertainment our country wants to vaccinate 3 to 4 million people a month.

We would like to remind you that a few days ago the British medical services informed that in the UK there have already been several cases of anaphylactic shock in vaccinated people, which occurred just after the administration of the mRNA vaccine from Pfizer. The case mainly concerns doctors and nurses, as it is the medical staff who are first vaccinated in this country.

The Ministry of Health is warning all allergy sufferers and people who have experienced various allergic reactions to refrain from vaccination for now, or if they want to do so, at least inform doctors about allergic episodes. This is an extremely important issue, because vaccination may result in loss of health or even life in some people.

What was 2020 like? Here is a summary of the passing year in the Google search engine

What was 2020 like? Here is a summary of the passing year in the Google search engineAs every year, the American giant shared with us information about what we most often searched for on the web using the Google search engine.

You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out that a large part of the categories were dominated by the coronavirus pandemic because users wanted to know what we were really up to, how to recognize symptoms, what the world is like, and so on. On the other hand, a large increase in searches related to activities at home during the lockdown can be observed, both in terms of entertainment, work and study. We were also interested in important events from around the world, because despite the raging epidemic, we had presidential elections in the United States.

And yes, in the top ten most popular searches in the world, we have the coronavirus in three ways, Zoom (for video conferencing and online meetings) and Google Classroom (as the name suggests, this is a service for schools that makes it easier for students and teachers to communicate inside and outside school. There were also no questions about the results of the US election, Joe Biden or the person of Kobe Bryant, the famous NBA player who tragically died at the beginning of the year in a helicopter accident.

1. Coronavirus

2. Election results

3. Kobe Bryant

4. Zoom

5. IPL

6. India vs New Zealand

7. Coronavirus update

8. Coronavirus symptoms

9. Joe Biden

10. Google Classroom

Was it similar in Poland? Definitely, although our top ten still has one more coronavirus-related search than in the world. In addition, we exchanged Zoom for Microsoft Teams and we were very interested in 365 days, i.e. a loud film based on a novel by Blanka Lipińska, which met with a very mixed reception - the viewers were eager to watch it, but at the same time it was often said in its context about the treatment of women and praising unacceptable behavior. The entire ten most popular searches in our country look like this:

1. Coronavirus

2. Coronavirus in Poland

3. US elections

4. Coronavirus Tips

5. Google Classroom

6. Microsoft Teams

7. Coronavirus map

8. 365 days

9. Joe Biden

10. Kobe Bryant

Speaking of films, 365 days is the most sought-after production in Poland, but we were also interested in Parasite, Don Stanislao, How I Became a Gangster and Psy 3. In the case of series, we focused on the titles of House of Paper, Gambit of the Queen, Prisoner of Love, Ugly. 2 and The Price of Freedom. In the category How to do? in the top five we have a disinfectant, a no-sew mask, yeast, sourdough for bread and an Easter card, i.e. the problems we faced during the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. And since we were also allaboutmovies home then, we had more time to cook on our own, so we were looking for ideas for pasta, chicken breast, soup, zucchini and dinner without meat. Looks familiar? Be sure to let me know! More interesting facts from the year in the search engine HERE!

How to save on online shopping? Here are cheats for Christmas discount on AliExpress!

How to save on online shopping? Here are cheats for Christmas discount on AliExpress!If you like shopping on the Chinese giant's platform, where you can find literally everything, then there is probably no better opportunity than the big New Year's sale.

Although we have heard many times that shopping on Chinese platforms will no longer pay off, because we have to take into account additional taxes and special post offices where customs officers will check parcels, the situation has practically not changed at all. Poles are still eager to shop on platforms such as AliExpress, where you can find virtually everything we may need at really attractive prices. Of course, you have to take into account the fact that we may have problems with the quality of some items, because we find dishonest traders everywhere, but buying from certain sellers should solve the problem.

In addition, the website offers solid post-purchase support, where we can establish a dispute with the seller, under the control of AliExpress, asking for a package that has not been delivered MEDIA JOKER advertising it that is not as described. What's more, recently shopping is even more convenient, because the platform has been cooperating with Inpost for some time, thanks to which we can not only choose delivery to a parcel locker, but also very often gain the option of a free return of the order if it does not suit us. This is a very useful option, because sellers are less likely to risk sending us bad goods, and we don't have to waste money, even if we are talking about small amounts for small items.

This means that shopping is even safer and you can safely use the sale to buy geeky items that we have been hunting for a long time. Behind us are the discounts on the occasion of Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, but today at 9:00 another one - New Year's Day - has started, under which we can use various codes lowering the value of our basket (4/30 means USD 4 discount when shopping for at least $ 30, etc): 3CODES -3 / $ 20, PICODI0712 -3 / $ 20, MAMYJE0712 -3 / $ 20, QPONY0712 -3 / $ 20, BLIX0712 -3 / 20 $, WINTER4 -4 / $ 30, LUKASZ4 - / $ 30, CODES7 -7 / $ 50, WINTER11 -11 / $ 100, LUKASZ0712 -11 / $ 100, CUDAZALI0712 -11 / $ 100.

There are also special codes for new users that work in the same way, i.e. ALINE45, ALIPROMKA4, BUYYNAALI and ALIKUPON444, and valid only for products shipped from European warehouses: ALINEYEAR10 -10/65 USD, ALENNYYEAR10 -10/65 USD, MAMYYENOWYYN10 -10 / $ 65, PICODINYEAR10 $ -10 / $ 65, QPONYNEWYEAR10 $ -10 / 65, BLIXNEYYear10 $ -10 / 65, ALINEYear15 -15 / $ 120, ALENAYear15 -15 / $ 120, MOMYYNEY YEAR15 -15 / 120, PICODINEYEP15 -15 / 120 USD and QPONYNOWY YEAR15 -15/120 USD. In the case of shipping from European warehouses, there is still a chance of delivery before Christmas, so if you have shortages of gifts for loved ones or yourself, this is a great opportunity to refill them.

China unveiled a new artificial sun and conducted the first test

China unveiled a new artificial sun and conducted the first testIn January, the government announced that there would be a new version of the fusion reactor later this year, and it has kept its promise. It is one of the most powerful devices of this type in the world that will change the energy industry beyond recognition.

The Chinese do not reveal too much information about their projects. It is no different in the case of the nuclear fusion reactor, i.e. a device that is to provide humanity with an unlimited source of energy for further rapid development and the conquest of space. This should not come as a surprise, as the Chinese want to become a world pioneer in this matter. The one who first masters the essence of nuclear fusion and obtains a large positive energy balance in his artificial Sun will gain power over our planet.

It may sound scary, but in fact humanity is waging wars among itself over access to energy sources such as oil, gas or coal. Nuclear fusion reactors are to allow countries that have them to produce cheap and environmentally friendly energy for development, which beats the head in terms of efficiency not only of fossil fuels, but also technologies for obtaining energy from renewable sources.

The Chinese have already had many successes with their fusion reactor. They trapped and kept in a magnetic field plasma with an electron temperature of as much as 100 million degrees Celsius and ions at the level of 50 million degrees, and obtained thermal energy at the level of 10 MW. They also initiated a nuclear fusion and produced a plasma with a temperature of 50 million degrees Celsius and maintained it for as much as 102 seconds. Now is the time for higher temperatures and much more effective materials.

The new reactor, called HL-2M, is located in laboratories in the city of Chengdu. The device is equipped with new magnets, based on the latest technology of high-temperature superconductors. The Chinese used inventions here that were created in their country just a few months ago. They can maintain a plasma temperature of as much as 200 million degrees Celsius, which is as much as 14 times higher than that prevailing inside the Sun. In this way, we will create an artificial Sun on the surface of our planet.

The thermonuclear reaction is a phenomenon that combines two lighter nuclei into the nuclei of heavier elements. The fusion releases enormous amounts of energy. It is the use of this powerful energy that is the goal of many countries. It should be emphasized here that such reactors are completely safe. Unlike nuclear reactors, the former combine elements, not their decay.

Hydrogen nuclei fuse to form heavier isotopes: deuterium and tritium, followed by helium. At the same time, an unimaginable amount of energy is emitted. Just one glass of water is expected to yield as much as half a million barrels of crude oil.

To fuse at all, the particles must be tamed under a strong magnetic field and at high temperatures. Chinese scientists intend to achieve a positive energy balance in their HL-2M reactor cinemascanner the first time in history, at a temperature of as much as 200 million degrees Celsius. So far, no one has managed to achieve such a temperature in a Tokamak reactor.

The first test of the HL-2M took place a few days ago. Scientists want to conduct further experiments of the device next year. Then we'll see what it can do. Let's keep our fingers crossed for changing the country's approach to sharing interesting information about its breakthrough inventions, which are designed to change our future beyond recognition.

Several countries around the world are currently working on artificial suns. One of the largest projects is currently being carried out in France. ITER is being built there, a European fusion reactor, which is to be ready in 2025. Then the tests will begin and will last for 10 years. Experts believe that ITER will be able to achieve a positive energy balance in the first half of the 1930s. Interestingly, scientists from the Polish Academy of Sciences are participating in the project.

The Pentagon checks out a dark scenario in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse

The Pentagon checks out a dark scenario in the event of a Zombie ApocalypseThe military must constantly be on full alert and be properly prepared for the worst and strangest scenarios that may take place in the streets of American cities due to CoVID-19.

The Pentagon, CDC, and FEMA take the threat of the CoVID-19 pandemic itself very seriously, as well as what will happen in the massive upcoming vaccination campaign. Experts from all agencies are considering the possibility of a worsening situation in society, which may result in a powerful civil war that we have not even dreamed of.

For the purposes of this turn of events, a 37-page document with the enigmatic name Conplan 8888 was created. In contrast to the book published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) a few years ago, which is a kind of survival guide for the masses, the Pentagon's plan is composed of 5 phases a military strategy that aims to restore order after the outbreak of a conflict.

In Conplan 8888, you will find detailed descriptions of all varieties of zombies, along with how to deal with and neutralize them. And this is how the document deals with traditional pathogenic zombies, i.e. disease carriers, living dead bodies changed as a result of occult magic, and less dangerous vegetarian zombies.

It all sounds like a good script for an action movie, and the existence of such a plan, for ordinary people, seems to be pure fiction, but it was made. Let us all hope and keep our fingers crossed that there will never be a need to use it, because the world will turn into a real hell that we can often see in games.

However, experts from the Pentagon, CDC Planet Watching FEMA have their finger on the pulse. Although public sentiment is unlikely to worsen so much next year that people take to the streets en masse, there is already a great risk that the mere course of CoVID-19 disease in different people or the mere administration of the vaccine may lead to side effects brain damage and the onset of mental illness that will turn people into zombies.

Recently, we hear about an increasing number of people, in virtually all countries of the world, who are struggling with serious mental problems, both due to a past CoVID-19 disease, isolation and deteriorating material conditions. The new mRNA-based vaccines from Pfizer, BioNTech or Moderna are the first in history that have not been fully investigated and it is still unknown what side effects they will bring.

Scotland is the first in the world to test hydrogen in domestic applications

Scotland is the first in the world to test hydrogen in domestic applicationsThe project aims to test how hydrogen will work as a raw material for cooking and heating homes, and to test whether it can be safely transported through existing gas pipes.

UK energy regulator Ofgem announced that Scotland is about to launch the world's first test program where green hydrogen will replace natural gas used in cooking and heating. 300 homes in County Fife will be tested by Scottish gas company SGN with free hydrogen heating systems and cooking kitchens for 4 years. The aim is to test that carbon-free hydrogen, produced from water and electricity in an electrolysis process, can help achieve Britain's carbon targets.

To fuel the national innovation race to develop new green technologies and infrastructure, Ofgem has contributed $ 24 million to the project. What's more, it also allocated artswww 17 million to off-grid testing of using existing gas pipes to transport hydrogen over long distances - primarily to check the safety of such a solution. It cannot be denied that this is a good day for hydrogen at all, because it should be mentioned that Toyota has just presented the second generation of its hydrogen-powered Mirai and although these are distant topics at first glance, the truth is that in both cases we have to face with the same restrictions.

It's enough to mention hydrogen electrolysis, which can boast an efficiency of only 80%, which means that 20% of the electricity used in production is wasted. If this electricity was used for heating instead, it could in many cases prove to be a much more affordable way than hydrogen furnaces. However, the potential for green hydrogen in the UK is huge and taken seriously, largely because most homes there are heated with gas stoves, so if the infrastructure was available to handle the hydrogen, it could pay off in the end. Especially that Great Britain has set itself the goal of achieving neutrality in terms of greenhouse gas emissions in 2050.

“If we really want a carbon-free future, we need to replace methane with green alternatives like hydrogen. Sectors such as heating are difficult to decarbonise and the importance of gas networks to the current UK energy supply means that projects like this are key if we want to safely deliver low carbon energy to consumers, said Antony Green of the National Grid.

Fireproof glass will be thinner and more environmentally friendly

Fireproof glass will be thinner and more environmentally friendlyAlthough fireproof windows already exist, they unfortunately contain a carcinogenic gel and generate a lot of waste from their production, so they can hardly be called 'green'.

The new technology, which is based on an almost unchanged production process, has a chance to change this and, as its creators say, will be much safer and more environmentally friendly. Classic windows of this type consist of two glass panes and a transparent layer of acrylamide hydrogel sandwiched between them.

When the first panel of glass heats up to the point of cracking due to a fire, the gel is exposed to flames. The water in it then starts to boil, but the other panel is simultaneously cooled by the evaporation effect. The gel then turns into a thick layer of insulating salt on the other panel, providing additional protection.

Only the gel is carcinogenic, so scientists are doing their best to find an alternative. The German Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety, and Energy Technology experimented with various substances for this purpose and after epicmovienews 60 unsuccessful attempts finally managed to identify the key ingredient. It is non-carcinogenic and in no other way harmful, and it still protects windows perfectly, even after being exposed to the temperature of 1000 ° C for two hours.

What is equally important, the production process significantly reduces the formation of waste and with the present material we are talking about daily waste in the amount of approx. 20 kilograms, while with traditional fireproof ones it is even ... 150 to 160 kilograms. Interestingly, the new glass is already being used during the renovation of the Global Tower and the construction of the Grand Tower in Frankfurt, so the implementation of the new solution has already started.